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How it all began..

"..a 5-and-something acre weedy field.."

“..a 5-and-something acre weedy field..”

When we first arrived at Merryweather’s Farm in 1994 it was more or less a blank slate. A 5-and-something acre weedy field, a handful of fruit trees poking their heads up through the nettles near the house, a half-acre wood we didn’t realise we had until we moved in and piles and piles of scrap metal.

..piles of scrap metal

..piles of scrap metal

Twenty years later and what we have is nothing short of miraculous. With no money, very little experience and virtually no help the two of us have transformed our plot into  gardens and woodland which support us, our family and a huge diversity of wildlife. And it looks good too.

The gardens at Merryweathers - no longer a barren field

The gardens at Merryweathers – no longer a barren field

Through this blog we will share with you the the story of the garden’s evolution, the things we have learnt along the way and the day-to-day highs and lows of life over the wiggly hedge. Thank you for joining us on the journey.